South Korea Online Visa

Electronic Travel Authorization System for South Korea

The South Korea Online Visa will be an electronic travel authorization that will allow citizens from eligible countries to enter the country. Travelers will be able to obtain the online visa for South Korea by completing an online form with their personal details and passport information. This electronic visa will simplify the process of applying for a visa to visit South Korea.

Who needs to apply for a South Korean Visa?

The South Korea Online Visa will allow eligible citizens to obtain travel authorization into South Korea without going to an embassy or consulate. The online application will only take a matter of minutes and involve entering some basic information.

At the moment, the South Korea Visa is not available and the list of eligible countries has not been finalized. The electronic travel authorization will be launched later on year.

Currently, a number of countries can visit Korea visa-free. Citizens from the USA, all EU countries, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, and Japan, can enter for up to 90 days without a visa.

Canadians can enter for up to 180 days visa-free and there are other countries whose citizens can either enter for 30-day or 60-day periods, depending on their nationality.

If you are planning a trip to South Korea, check this website for updates about which nationalities can obtain the Tourist Visa for South Korea.

south korea online visa

Travel to South Korea with a Visa Waiver

South Korea is the ultimate ancient-meets-modern destination. The 5000-year-old culture and history contrasts with uber-modern cities such as Seoul. A fascinating, beautiful country to visit, its picturesque landscapes are characterized by green hills, cherry trees, and idyllic Buddhist temples.

The electronic travel authorization for South Korea has been designed to simplify the process of getting permission to enter the country. For eligible citizens it will eradicate the need to go to an embassy to obtain a traditional visa.

The application process will be quick and straightforward. Applicants will need to answer some questions and enter some basic information such as name, address, date of birth, passport details, and travel plans.

Once the application form has been processed, it will be sent to the applicant by email. The traveler can then print a copy to show to the South Korean border authorities on arrival.

The South Korea Visa will be available soon for citizens of eligible countries. Candidates will need to have a valid passport to successfully complete the Korean visa application form.