Is my South Korea visa registration secure?

Yes, your South Korea visa registration will be secure. Keeping your data safe and secure at all times is of the utmost importance to us. All South Korea Visa registrations will be processed through secure servers. All the necessary information submitted by applicants will be protected through a range of security and encryption techniques in order to ensure that no third parties are able to access it. The servers where applicants’ data will be stored will not be publicly visible nor accessible. No data can be hacked or intercepted thanks to the encryption techniques used to safekeep your data.

Although announced by the South Korean government in 2018, the release of the South Korea Online Visa is still in progress. As soon as the eligible countries are officially published, qualified citizens will be able to apply for a South Korean eVisa. The list of eligible countries will be published promptly on this website. Applicants will need to have a valid passport in order to submit the South Korea visa application form. The secure application process will be quick and easy to complete.

Remember that any and all information submitted will remain completely secure and protected by encryption at all times. Incorrect or missing data within the application form may result in delays, or in the application being rejected. Once the travel authorization has been granted, it will be sent electronically over secure servers to the applicant via email.

Rest assured that all personal data as well as payment information handled during your South Korea eVisa application and registration will be subject to our Privacy Policy. South Korea Online Visa application data will remain protected at all times, will not be shared with any third parties, and will only be kept for as long it is necessary.