Consequences of Overstay A South Korean Visa


Overstaying a visa can lead to penalties, fines, and other sanctions which can affect future travel plans and immigration records. If you’ve overstayed your South Korea tourist visa and are wondering what to do to resolve the situation, read our information on overstaying a South Korea visa and what action to take.

Overstaying South Korea eVisa Penalties

In the event of overstaying a South Korean eVisa, you may be fined per day past the expiration date of your visa. The amount of the daily fine can vary considerably and will accumulate every day until the fine has been paid and the visa validation resolved. In most cases, this can be done upon exiting South Korea.

Under no circumstances will travelers be able to leave South Korea without paying the fine and refusing to pay any fines could lead to further sanctions such as detainment.

There is a possibility that those overstaying a South Korea eVisa could receive a mark on their passport or be refused entry to South Korea in the future. This is subject to the personal circumstances of the traveler, the period of overstay and subsequent reasons for having overstayed the South Korea visa. Make sure that you are aware of the expiration date of the visa, as failure to adhere to the conditions of the visa can impede future travel plans or re-entering South Korea.

Please note: Charges and fines against South Korea visa overstays may vary depending on the category of visa. Given that the fine accumulates daily, the final sum will also depend on the number of days past the expiration date of the South Korean visa.

How to Avoid Overstaying a Korean Visa

If you realize that you risk overstaying your visa while in South Korea, you can go to a local immigration office to ask for a visa extension, renewal or advice. There are various options and depending on your reason for staying longer, you may be granted an extension or be offered helpful advice to resolve your problem, enabling you to leave South Korea on time.

In the event that you leave South Korea and require to re-enter, you will not be able to do so with a single entry visa that you have previously used to enter South Korea. This also applies to a visa that has expired but has not been used. Travelers can fill out the Korean visa application form online to apply for a new South Korea eVisa should they require another visa.

In order to apply for a South Korean eVisa, applicants will be required to adhere to certain conditions and requirements. Travelers to South Korea will also need certain documents. Documents required for Korean visa include a valid passport which will also be required in order to enter South Korea. If your passport expires while in South Korea, your visa will not be valid in conjunction with the invalid passport. It will be necessary to visit an embassy representing your nationality in order to renew your passport or organize an Emergency Travel Document (ETD) which can be used while in South Korea.

How Long Can I Stay in Korea Without a Visa?

As long as travelers take the necessary precautions, the possibility of overstaying a South Korean visa should be avoided altogether. Ensure that you have all the necessary documents with you for the trip and above all, note the permitted period of stay when planning your travel itinerary. It is also a good idea to check the expiration date on your passport just in case. Although, this should be done primarily when applying for a South Korean eVisa.

Remember that when traveling abroad, any incidents or concerns regarding your travel visa, documents or passport can be reported to the embassy representing your nationality. Most embassies are usually found in the capital of the country or in one of the main cities. For guidance or assistance while in South Korea, consult the embassy or immigration office in order to avoid overstaying your South Korean visa.