South Korea Tourist Visa for Jeju Island

tourist visa for jeju island

Travelers who plan on visiting South Korea and the island of Jeju may need to apply for a visa to South Korea depending on their nationality. The South Korea online visa is a modernized version of visa application and enables travelers to apply for a visa without visiting an embassy. Similarly to many other countries, South Korea has chosen to upgrade border control and immigration authority systems by introducing an online visa for travelers.

Do I Need a Visa for Jeju Island?

The travel visa for South Korea is for those visiting South Korea for touristic purposes and can be used to access all areas of South Korea, including islands such as Jeju Island.

If you need a visa to visit South Korea, you will need one to visit Jeju Island. This depends entirely on your nationality and for how long you wish to visit. While some countries are given a visa-exemption policy, others may be required to apply for a visa for South Korea. If you wish to stay for a period longer than the visa-exempt period granted for your nationality, you will have to apply for a South Korean visa.

Can I go to Seoul from Jeju without a Visa?

There are certain countries that are listed as visa-exempt countries for certain periods of time which means that not everyone needs a visa to visit South Korea. If you plan on traveling to Seoul from Jeju, it will be necessary to check your country’s visa requirements for South Korea.

If you are a national of a visa-exempt country, it is important to check the visa-exempt period permitted, as failure to apply for a visa or overstaying your visa-exempt period limit could result in problems at border control and immigration.

Visa Requirements for Jeju Island

If you wish to visit Jeju Island and need a visa for South Korea, there is required documentation for a visa for South Korea. Applicants should read the visa requirements for South Korea carefully prior to applying for a visa, as failure to comply with the requirements could result in a denied visa.

For the electronic visa process, applicants will be required to register with a valid email address. All necessary information regarding the application and the eVisa itself will be emailed to the registered email address.

It will also be necessary for applicants to pay for the eVisa with a valid debit or credit card. Passports should also be checked and the validity should extend for a period of at least 6 months past the date of entry to South Korea.

Apply for a Visa to Jeju Island

If you want to go on holiday to Jeju Island and you fall into the category of needing a visa for South Korea, you will need to apply for a South Korean visa in order to visit Jeju Island.

Applying for a visa for South Korea is simple thanks to the online visa application process. Travelers who wish to visit Jeju Island can apply for a visa by completing and sending off the South Korean visa application form online. Once the application form has been sent off and paid for, applicants will receive a confirmation email. Processing the visa application is a fast process, and it will usually take less than a week to confirm the visa status.

Notice: Visa-free entry to Jeju Island is suspended for all foreigners due to the travel restriction measures taken by the Korean government.