South Korea eTA Requirements for Brazilians

In 2019 alone, close to 22,000 Brazilian nationals traveled to South Korea, mostly for tourism purposes. This figure is expected to grow even more once the Korea eTA is implemented.

The eTA to South Korea is an electronic travel authorization that will work as a visa waiver and allows travelers from several eligible countries, including Brazilians, to enter the nation visa-free.

Do Brazilian Passport Holders Need a Visa for South Korea?

Currently, Brazil is one of the countries that can travel to South Korea without a visa. Though, when the new South Korea visa waiver will be introduced by the end of 2021, nationals of Brazil will need to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (or ETA for short). Thankfully, this process of applying for an ETA for South Korea will be quick and simple.

The Korean visa waiver application form for Brazilians will require only approximately ten minutes and can be completed from the comfort of one’s home or workplace. This means that having to visit the embassy or consulate in person will be skipped altogether by citizens of Brazil and other eligible countries.

Though, to ensure this process remains efficient, prior to submitting an online application, all Brazilian applicants are advised to ensure that they satisfy all the eTA prerequisites, also known as requirements.

Failure to adhere to all the Korean visa waiver requirements for Brazilian citizens would mean that the application will simply get rejected.

Documents & Conditions Required for a South Korean Visa From Brazil

Every applicant of Brazil is responsible to double-check that they meet South Korea’s eTA entry requirements established by the immigration authorities before they apply for the Korean Electronic Travel Authorization.

These requirements take the form of documents that need to be submitted, as well as some conditions that are required to be met by Brazilians planning to enter the Republic of Korea.

When this new online visa waiver system gets introduced, Brazilian nationals will be expected to have:

  • A valid Brazilian passport
  • Economic means to pay for the set visa waiver processing fee. A credit card or a debit card can be used for this purpose
  • Access to a valid email address to receive the Korean visa waiver in digital form

As soon as this new system has been successfully launched, the relevant authorities will announce how long this electronic visa waiver will be valid for, therefore, Brazilians are advised to check the latest news about the Korean eTA.

Note: citizens of Brazil should also consider other circumstances such as the conditions when traveling to Korea with children, or banned items in South Korean borders.

South Korea Visa Application for Brazilian Citizens

Brazilian citizens will be able to apply for a South Korean visa waiver, known as eTA, by completing an online application form.

In addition to answering a couple of security-related questions, travelers of Brazil will also be requested to:

  • Fill in their personal particulars that include their first name, surname, nationality, date of birth, and contact details
  • Provide key passport details that include their Brazilian passport number, the date on which the passport was issued and the date on which it will expire
  • Provide the reason for traveling to South Korea

It is important to note that after this eVisa has been introduced, it is possible that a couple of extra requirements could be added to the list. It is also possible that, in some events, Brazilian applicants might be required to include additional documentation in order to be granted an Electronic Travel Authorization for South Korea.

Paying and receiving the Korea eTA from Brazil

After citizens of Brazil have confirmed that they provided only correct information (all information will be double-checked for security reasons), they will be requested to settle the fee to process the visa waiver application by means of a valid debit or credit card.

This fee must be paid in full before the online application form can get submitted. Brazilian nationals can rest assured that all payments will be completed via a secure online system.

As soon as the online application has been approved, the Korean eTA will be forwarded by means of email. Any extra information and payment receipts will also be sent by means of an electronic message. It is, therefore, key to fill in a valid email address that the applicant still has access to.

Most of the time, applicants of Brazil will receive an approval within just a couple of days. All that is then left to do is to print out the visa waiver and show it along with the passport that was used to the local authorities at the South Korean border.