Korea Visa Requirements for Dutch Nationals

Known for its beautiful scenery and ancient culture, South Korea attracts visitors from the Netherlands year-round. While some come to live, work, or study in the busy Asian nation, many more visit on vacation, for sightseeing, or while traveling.

Under the South Korean government’s current visa policy regulations, Dutch citizens are among many nationalities worldwide who can enter the country for short trips of up to 90 days without obtaining a visa.

However, Korean visa requirements for Dutch passport holders are set to change in 2021, when South Korea will be rolling out its new electronic travel authorization system (or Korean eTA). This will essentially act as a tourist visa for South Korea, and Dutch holidaymakers, travelers, and tourists will be required to obtain one before entering the country.

Do Dutch Citizens Need a Visa for South Korea?

Under the current Korean visa requirements for citizens of the Netherlands, only Dutch individuals who plan to work, study, or live in South Korea, or who intend to stay there for longer than 90 days, must obtain a visa for South Korea. In those cases, visas must be obtained by completing an in-person visit to a South Korean embassy or consulate and submitting the necessary documentation.

For Dutch nationals making trips of 90 days or less to South Korea for the purposes of tourism or leisure, no visa is currently required.

Once the Korean visa requirements for Dutch passport holders change in 2021, however, these travelers will need to obtain an electronic travel authorization prior to departing for South Korea.

The South Korean government has not yet released a full description of the new Korean visa requirements for Dutch citizens. As a result, it is not yet known whether features of the existing visa categories, for example, the option to renew a visa, will be available for Dutch nationals applying for a Korean eTA. As such, Dutch travelers planning to visit Korea in or after 2021 are advised to stay abreast of any news regarding the South Korea visa waiver.

Korea Visa Requirements for Dutch Nationals

The Korea visa requirements for Dutch passport holders outline 3 main requirements applicants must fulfill in order to successfully apply for an eTA for South Korea.

The primary requirement is that applicants must possess a valid Dutch passport. This passport will also need to have 6 months or more of validity left after the holder’s intended visit to South Korea.

Dutch nationals who have a valid passport must then be able to provide a working email address (to receive electronic confirmation of the Korean eTA) and a means of electronic payment for the application processing fee (i.e., a debit or credit card).

Once these requirements have been met, applicants of the Netherlands can simply complete and submit the South Korean online application form. This form should not take long to complete and can be submitted electronically, without an in-person visit to an embassy or consulate.

How to Apply for a South Korea eTA From the Netherlands

Submitting a Korean eTA visa application from the Netherlands is a straightforward process.

First, Dutch travelers will fill out a short form that requests basic personal details such as their full name, address, and date of birth, and asks for the number, date of issue, and expiry date of their passport.

Some questions regarding health and safety precautions are also included on the form.

All information entered into the form should be carefully verified before submitting an application, as providing false or incomplete information may lead to a processing delay for the application.

For Dutch applicants who have successfully completed their application form, the final step is to pay the processing fee and submit their application.

Successful applicants of the Netherlands will receive confirmation of their electronic travel authorization for South Korea by email, and should then print a copy of the confirmation onto letter-sized paper and carry it along with their passport. This is because they may be asked to present proof of their eTA upon entering South Korea.

Anyone traveling from the Netherlands to South Korea with children is advised that all minors must have an individual eTA for Korea in their own name, although parents or guardians may help them submit the application.

In order to avoid potential processing delays disrupting travel plans, Dutch travelers should submit their Korean eTA application no less than 2 weeks before they intend to travel.

Visiting Jeju Island from the Netherlands

Jeju Island, off the Korean coast, is a very popular destination for tourists to South Korea. Dutch nationals planning to see Jeju Island can rest assured that their Korean eTA for citizens of the Netherlands will also allow them to enter and exit the island as part of their overall trip to South Korea.