South Korea Tourist Visa for Indian Citizens

South Korea is one of the most up-and-coming vacation destinations among travelers. Many people have been making South Korea their preferred travel destination because of the wealth of experiences that the country offers. Visitors to South Korea are often amazed by the stunning blend of ultra-modern living mixed with well-preserved ancient cultural remnants.

Currently, a visa for South Korea from India is required. As of now, this process can be done by visiting the nearest Korean embassy. However, the South Korea online visa will be launching later this year, and will finally enable a simple online process of applying for a visa for South Korea from India.

Do Indian Passport Holders Need a Visa for South Korea from India?

Indian citizens require a Korean tourist visa in order to be allowed entry into the country. Unfortunately, obtaining a South Korea visa on arrival for Indian citizens is not possible, and the South Korea tourist visa is mandatory.

Luckily, the immigration authorities in Korea have announced plans to launch an online Korea visa process. Once the application process is brought online, it will be much simpler for the many tourists who would like to visit South Korea.

The Korea visa online application form will require some basic details about the passenger, such as passport information and trip itinerary. Just like before, the traveler must complete the Korea visa application from India before they embark on their trip.

South Korea Transit Visa for Indian Passport

Travelers from India who have a connecting flight in South Korea may also wonder if they need a visa. It is, in fact, not necessary to obtain a South Korea transit visa for Indian passport holders, as long as the travelers meet certain requirements. First of all, the traveler must hold a valid passport which is valid for at least an additional 6 months. Secondly, travelers connecting through South Korea must also remain within the airport transit area once they land in South Korea.

Documents Required for South Korea Visa from India

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that they meet all Korea online visa requirements for Indian citizens. At this time, the documents required for South Korea visa from India are the following:

  • A passport which is valid for at least another 6 months
  • The completed Korea visa application form
  • A current email address so that the Korean government can email the approved Korean Visa
  • A credit or debit card in order to pay the South Korea visa fee for Indian travelers

How to Complete the Korea Visa Application for Indian Citizens

The online application should only take a few minutes to complete. With this new online process, there will no longer be a need to visit a local embassy to fill out tedious paperwork. The entire process will be online in a simple and secure form.

There are just 3 simple steps to obtain an online Korean Visa:

Submit the application form online

Pay the South Korea visa fee for Indian citizens

Receive the eVisa directly via email

The application is very simple and requires basic information such as name, address, and date of birth. The traveler must also submit their passport details. Carefully fill out the passport number, date of issue, and date of expiration. The application may also ask for a rough itinerary of the trip to Korea.

Be very careful when filling out the application. All details must be accurate and must match the applicant’s passport. Unfortunately, if there is a mistake on the application it could cause the application to be denied.

Be sure to apply for the South Korea tourist visa for Indian citizens well in advance of the trip. The approval process can take a few days, so it is best to apply at least 2 weeks before the departure date.

The applicant will receive their approved Korean tourist visa for Indian travelers directly to their email address. Print the document on letter-sized paper and bring it on the trip. Immigration authorities will ask to see the visa as well as the passport upon entry in Korea. It is best to bring a couple of hard copies of the visa, since a digital version may not be accepted.

Other Travel Requirements for Indian Citizens Visiting South Korea

The South Korea tourist visa for Indian citizens will be valid for tourism and business trips. It has not yet been determined how long Indian travelers can stay in Korea using their Korean visa. However, check for the latest information as new announcements are made.

When traveling to Korea, be sure to bring copies of the visa, as well as the passport which matches the visa. As long as the traveler has a valid visa as well as their passport, they will be permitted entry to Korea.