Korean eTA Requirements for Citizens of Russia

Korean Visa Waiver for Russian Passport Holders

South Korea allows entrance of several countries visa-free to their territory, among which there is Russia. However, the country will soon launch an electronic travel authorization system, commonly known as Korea’s eTA, which will require current visa-free nations to apply for this type of visa waiver before arriving in the Republic of Korea.

This new electronic process permits that Russians complete an online form to obtain the eTA visa waiver to South Korea from the comfort of their homes. In other words, citizens of Russia will not need to visit the nearest Korean consulate or embassy to get this travel authorization.

Do Russians Need a Visa to Visit South Korea?

Currently, Russians do not need a visa to enter South Korea. However, it is expected that in 2021 they will be obliged to apply for a Korean visa waiver called Korea eTA.

This change means citizens of Russia will need to obtain the travel document online through a secure platform.

In any case, Russians are advised to remain informed about South Korea’s visa policy since it might experiment with significant changes over the next months.

If nationals of Russia are thinking of staying more than 60 days in South Korea, then they will need to consider the possibility of applying for a Korean tourist visa that allows them to legally remain in the country for a longer period.

Russians visiting Jeju Island with a Korean visa waiver

Travelers from Russia who wish to travel to Jeju Island will be able to use their Korean eTA visa waiver.

The island is an hour away from Seoul, therefore, Russians can visit Jeju without any hassle and using the same travel permit needed for the rest of Korea.

South Korean Visa Waiver Conditions for Russian Travelers

The online tourist visa to South Korea will make the whole visa application process easy. Although the South Korea eTA conditions and requirements for Russian citizens have not yet been concluded, the following are anticipated:

  • Applicants must be in possession of an unexpired Russian passport
  • Russian travelers will need to present a photo of themselves that follows the Korean visa waiver photo guidelines
  • Applicants of Russia must have access to a valid email address the eVisa will be forwarded by means of email
  • Russian applicants must have a current debit or credit card To pay the Korean eTA processing fee

Once all this information is gathered, Russian passengers will need to complete an online form to submit the documents and validate their eligibility to the Korean authorities.

How to Apply for a South Korean eTA From Russia

Nationals of Russia will need to complete a South Korean eTA application form, which is an online document that includes several personal questions as well as others related to the passport data. Some other fields that need to be completed involve questions regarding health-related issues and safety and security.

Korea’s visa waiver application process will take only a few minutes to complete. Some of the information required is the following:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Passport particulars (expiry, issuance dates)
  • Reason for traveling to South Korea
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Details regarding the flight
  • Arrangements made for accommodation

It is key that applicants of Russia go over the information that they have entered as incorrect or incomplete answers can lead to the Korean visa waiver being denied or the process getting delayed. Even a minor error can cause delays and, thus, it is crucial to review all the information.

After the application form has been duly completed (and the answers checked for accuracy), Russian travelers will be asked to make the payment of the eTA fee to finalize the process. The application will only be processed after the payment has been received.

Once the local authorities have approved the visa waiver application, the travel authorization will be sent by means of email to Russian applicants. Thus, it is important to use only a valid email address.

Traveling From Russia to South Korea

Beyond South Korea’s visa waiver details Russians need to complete and abide by, there are several other aspects travelers must consider when traveling to Korea. For instance, some of Korea’s main customs and traditions used on a daily basis by locals, or even how costly can a trip to South Korea be, which is helpful to know how much money Russian citizens must bring with them.

In the case Russian nationals are traveling to South Korea with children, they must know this is a family-friendly country that has much to offer to all members, including kids, teenagers, and even elders.

With all this information in mind, Russian thinking on entering Korea soon can be sure to do so with the proper considerations.