Seoul Visa

Eligible foreign citizens will soon be able to get the South Korea visa for Seoul online before traveling and discover the delights of its capital city for themselves.

Seoul is the capital of South Korea and is an attractive destination for tourists thanks to its dynamic blend of historic architecture and modern culture. From the range of historic royal palaces to stunning modern buildings like the N Seoul Tower, to a huge number of green spaces, there is something for every kind of visitor.

South Korea Tourist Visa for Seoul

Passport holders from a number of countries are currently eligible to visit Seoul and South Korea visa-free for up to 90 days, including the United States and all EU member states. Citizens from Australia, Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, Brazil and Japan are also South Korea visa-exempt for the same period of time.

Nationalities who are not exempt from the visa for Seoul must currently obtain a Korea Tourist visa from a South Korean embassy or consulate. However, eligible passport holders will soon be able to get the travel visa to Seoul online through a simple application form.

Visa for Seoul Requirements

Applicants will need to have the documents required to apply for a South Korean visa in order to get a tourist visa for Seoul. Depending on visa type and nationality, these may include:

  • A passport from an eligible country with at least 6 months validity from date of arrival in South Korea.
  • A color passport-style photograph (know all the Korea Photo Requirements).
  • A bank statement as proof of sufficient funds.
  • A reference, recommendation or letter of invitation from a South Korean company or educational institution.
  • Business credentials for work visits.

In addition, applicants will be required to pay the visa fee by cash or postal order to receive the South Korea visa for Seoul.

How to Get the South Korea Visa for Seoul

When the online tourist visa for Seoul is launched later this year, those eligible will be able to fill out the simple South Korea visa application form, which will only take a few minutes to complete.

Applicants will be required to fill in personal details such as name, address and contact number, as well as their passport information and details of the travel to Seoul. It’s important to double-check all the information entered in order to avoid rejection or delay of the Travel visa to Seoul. Some security questions will also be asked.

A credit/debit card to pay the visa fee and a current email address will also be required, in order to receive the South Korea visa for Seoul in the inbox upon approval. Applicants can then print a copy of the Travel visa to Seoul to present at South Korean border control.
As the South Korea eVisa for Seoul has not been implemented yet, the final list of eligible countries will be published on this website when available.

Attractions in Seoul

Upon receiving the tourist visa for Seoul approval, travelers to South Korea will be able to begin planning their visit to the diverse tourist attractions in the capital city.

Those wishing to explore South Korea’s history need to pay a visit to Seoul’s well-preserved 15th-century royal palaces such as Gyeongbokgung Palace, Deoksugung Palace, and Changdeokgung Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site. They also won’t want to miss the ancient Seoul City Walls which stretch for 18.6 kilometers along the mountain ranges surrounding the capital.

For an even deeper immersion in South Korean history, tourists can visit the Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul. A perfectly-preserved Korean traditional village dating to the Joseon Dynasty, the hundreds of hanok (traditional houses) and narrow alleyways give visitors an authentic taste of the Seoul urban environment 600 years in the past.

Travelers who want to explore the modern side of the city also have a wide variety of attractions to visit in Seoul. The most iconic piece of modern architecture in the capital is the Namsan Seoul Tower, a huge communications mast whose observation decks are the best panoramic viewpoints in the city. Visitors can take the Namsan cable car up to the tower and enjoy the different light art shows that illuminate the structure at night.

To explore South Korean culture, tourists can visit any of the 115 museums in Seoul, including the impressive modern space, the Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Visitors may also want to check out the upmarket Gangnam District, the inspiration for the worldwide hit song ‘Gangnam Style’ and its corresponding viral dance moves.
To discover the exciting blend of history and modern advancement in the South Korean capital, make sure to first arrange a travel visa to Seoul well in advance of your trip!